Next steps on the road to retirement savings
Congratulations on taking part in your workplace savings plan.
Now you have access to the guidance, investments, and resources you need. We'll help you save for retirement — and everything else that's important to you. Here are three ways to get more out of your plan.
Set up your account profile
Provide your email address and phone number, and choose your delivery preferences for plan updates and information.
If you have not yet provided beneficiary information for your account, log in below or call your plan's toll-free number.
    Set your preferences
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Simplify your savings
If you have retirement savings with a former employer, now is a great time to think about simplifying your accounts for ease and convenience.
You may be able to consolidate your savings into your current workplace savings plan or into a rollover IRA. Need help deciding which option to choose?
  • Discuss your options with a Fidelity
    Representative at 800-608-4015
Save for all your goals
We suggest focusing on retirement first, aiming to save at least 10%–15% of your salary.
    Increase your contribution rate
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Then, shift gears to include other savings goals.