Next steps on the road to retirement savings Visit Fidelity NetBenefits®
Decide where to move

Congratulations on taking part in your workplace savings plan.

Now you have access to the guidance, investments, and resources you need. We'll help you save for retirement — and everything else that's important to you. Here are three ways to get more out of your plan.


Set up your profile

Provide or confirm your e-mail address and phone number and set your mail preferences. Call your plan's toll-free number to find out how to provide your beneficiary information.


Simplify your savings

If you have retirement savings with a former employer, now's the time to think about simplifying your accounts. One login, one phone number, and easier to manage. You can move it to your current employer's plan, or to a rollover IRA. Not sure which option makes sense for you?

Or call 800-608-4015 and a Fidelity representative will guide you through


Save for your goals

We recommend putting away a minimum of 10%-15% of your paycheck for retirement. We can also help you plan and prioritize the rest of your important savings goals.