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Comparison data is provided for use with other information to aid you in your personal assessment of the ability of your current retirement savings rate to meet your future goals and needs. When deciding how much to contribute, consider your plan rules, your individual situation, and any other future sources of income. Keep in mind that you may increase or decrease your contributions according to your plan rules. It is recommended that you speak with a licensed financial advisor before making any financial decisions.

About the data:

Figures are based on actual available data for individuals in a workplace savings plan for which Fidelity provides recordkeeping services.* The data excludes tax-exempt plans, nonqualified plans, and plans for Fidelity employees. If insufficient data is available at the ZIP code level for a particular age cohort, the average figure for the state is used. Contribution rates are for actively employed individuals contributing more than 0% to a workplace savings plan with a plan balance greater than zero.

*Fidelity Investments recordkept data of 22,100 corporate defined contribution plans and 14.5 million participants, as of December 31, 2016.