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Community Update

Fidelity Scholars Program: Apply Now

Community Update

Fidelity Scholars Program: Apply Now

As part of the $250 million Invest in My Education (ME)SM initiative, this program supports eligible students from underserved communities in the Boston, Dallas/Fort Worth, and the Raleigh/Durham areas by combining scholarships with ongoing assistance, mentorship, and pathways to post-graduation employment.


We know that behind every financial decision is an individual with a unique voice and personal goals. That's why we listen first and then offer resources to help you build a secure financial future.

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  • Financial fundamentals
  • Community empowerment

Tips to help you manage your money and create a plan for the future for you y tu familia.

Fidelity Budget Breakdown
  • Try to put about 50% of take-home pay toward essentials such as food, health care, and housing.
  • Save 15% of pretax income for retirement savings.
  • Keep 5% of take-home pay for emergencies like a car or home repair.
  • Use the remaining 30% to build a better retirement, save for something big, or support your family.
Here’s how you build and maintain your credit:
  • Monitor your credit health.
  • Read the fine print.
  • Pay on time and at least the minimum due.
Make your money work for you
  • Watch even small amounts grow with the power of compounding.
  • Use a blend of investments to balance the risks and rewards.
  • Consider short-term investment options if you think you may need to use your money sooner.
Give yourself a financial boost
  • Make it automatic. Set up direct contributions into your retirement account and increase the amount whenever possible.
  • Meet the match. Some employers will match your retirement contributions up to a certain limit.
  • Go your own way. Self employed? SEP IRAs, opens in new window work like a 401(k) without the administrative hassles.

See how we’re learning, growing, and working to support the financial needs de nuestra comunidad.

Invest in My Education (ME)SM

Fidelity announces a $250 million program to help students from Black, Latino, and other historically underserved communities pay for college, improve economic mobility, and build generational wealth.

Creating a Diverse and
Inclusive Workplace

We’re building a workforce that celebrates and elevates employees of all backgrounds.

New Collaboration with
The FIVE Network

We’re expanding our financial education efforts through collaboration with a mentoring network for young, diverse investors.

Podcast: Going Big with a Side Gig

A side gig can help pad your income, be your own boss, or even test out a business idea. Listen as Jannese Torres-Rodriguez talks about turning her side hustle into a six-figure income stream.

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Compartiendo nuestras historias

We're sharing our stories. Recently, some of Fidelity's Latino representatives got together to talk about how to reach your financial goals and build a strong foundation for your family. Watch the on-demand replay of Conversations about community, family, and money—an exclusive Hispanic Heritage Month event.

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